Jewelescent 60 Color Gel Pen Review

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I absolutely love all the colors in this set, that I don’t even know what to do with them! We received these pens in exchange for our review and opinion, and this is a package that genuinely made me giddy to open it.


For people who like to color coordinate things, these are ideal. Color code to your heart’s desire. For those who like to be crafty and make things shimmery, you’ll love the glitter and metallic color choices. If you like bright colors, the neons are all for you! There’s literally a color for everyone, including a basic black pen.


There are colors that will pop on dark paper, colors that will be ideal for fancy writing (gold and silver) and even swirl pens that have three colors in one pen! They write smoothly straight out of the package, and that was impressive to me. I tried out every single color just to get an idea of what the actual color looked like on paper. Most colors were true to the pen cap indicator, with the exception being the swirl pens. They tended to write a little differently than the pen cap, but I suppose that’s to be expected!


All in all, I feel t this is a complete collection of colors and pen finishes and would make a great addition to any pen lover’s supply shelf! You can get your #usartsupply Jewelescent 60 color gel pen set here.

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Surfun Durable Dry Bag Review

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This bag is HUGE! We received the 55l free of charge to try out in exchange for our honest and unbiased opinions. When I say huge, I mean this bag is taller than our five year old. But I think that’s amazing. It’s perfect to hold everything we could possibly need for a day at the pool, lake, ocean, or an ideal camping accessory. We loaded the bag up, and once we got to the pool, we tossed it in.


The bag never submerged; it was like it hit a solid surface. So we got in the water with it and attempted to submerge it. This wasn’t too successful, just due to the sheer bouyancy of the bag itself. (Which again, I think is pretty cool).


We managed to get it submerged for a few seconds, and rolled it around so that all parts of the exterior surface were wet. After we were satisfied that it had been drug around the pool and attempted to be dunked under and rolled around in the water enough, we pulled it out and opened it up. Water beads off the exterior and easily is wiped away with your hand. (What’s left, that is. This thing is pretty freaking water resistant). Here are the instructions to roll it closed:

As you unroll and unclasp, and attempt to open it, you will see that a small amount of water is at the very top opening. This could be from your hands being wet and you trying to open it. It could be simply that when you unrolled it you shifted a little water around. *You should note, small amount of water is less that one inch of the top interior had any amount of water droplets on it and all contents on the interior were completely dry. When we began to unpack the bag, everything was still completely dry. We unloaded three pool/beach towels, pool wraps for myself and my daughter, bottles of sunscreen, a first aid kit, water bottles, and a few toys. These things all stayed dry and securely packed away in the bag. I highly recommend this for practically any outdoor activity in which your things need to be protected. Its PERFECT! You can get your #drybag here.

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JEsentials LLC Pacifier Clip Review

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This pacifier clip is AMAZING. It’s so incredibly adorable, and the silicone beads are ideal for little teethers.


The sweet baby in the picture is almost as long as the pacifier clip itself, but to me that’s absolutely perfect because she’ll grow into it. The beads themselves are lightweight and not too heavy for little arms to move around. They’re soft and pliable so they won’t injure tiny, soft gums. As a mom, I am awed at the products available to babies now. When my five year old was teething, I had no clue that teething beads were a thing, much less lucky enough to find them attached to a pacifier clip! The flower is beautiful and it is truly boutique quality. I feel confident that this is a safe, effective product that’s fashionable and helpful as well. The plastic clip that attaches to baby’s clothes is secure and solid construction. It didn’t leave marks in clothes, so I don’t feel there would be any damage to items. The part of this item that secures to the pacifier is also well made and I have no doubt will last a long time (and guys, it secures to smoothies too!).


Seriously, look at how cute that is! I can’t believe how awesome and adorable and ideal this clip is. I was fortunate enough to receive this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review and opinion, but I look forward to buying more products from JEsentials LLC. This pacifier clip is easy to clean, clips on soothies, and is the most genuinely safe pacifier clip I have seen in a while. It’s an honor to be associated with the company and the product, and the boutique boxing is an adorable plus. I really am happy with the purchase, the baby is happy with it, and I look forward to being a returning customer! If you’d like to be a customer, check them out here. I also want to make sure I let you guys know that the items are independently tested by a well known global company approved by CPSC/CPSIA. You can see the report in one of the images on the listing at the link provided and the company encourages you to email them for the full report. 100% of the clips are also carefully inspected and tested by 2 separate inspection companies. How great is that??? This is a boutique quality pacifier clip at a great price by an AMAZING company. GO GET YOURS from #jesentials!


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iPhone 6 Plus Case Review

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So we took part in a review opportunity for an iPhone 6 plus case. It came to us like this:

And then we put it on Mister’s phone. It worked alright. I just say alright, because it wasn’t super awesome. I keep my phone in my back pocket practically all the time. Mister keeps his phone in his side pocket constantly.  I prefer a rigid case that surrounds all edges of my phone. I got the feeling after trying this one out that Mister does too. It’s not a bad case. It’s just not one that works for our family.  It fit nicely though. I’ll show you.

See, not so bad. Right? Well, that’s when we noticed a slight little issue. The blue trim that you see is rigid plastic. See how it doesn’t go all the way around the phone? (Meaning it doesn’t extend to the top and bottom edges). Well, this is what that means:

Look at that separation! I’m not a fan of this, simply because we had a charger issue before and went to the apple store only to discover that there was just pocket lint in the charger port on the bottom of the phone. (Yes, that actually happened). I’m also not crazy about how loose this is just because of the fact that we keep our phones in our pockets practically all the time. It seems to me that the thin silicone will rub against our clothes inside the pockets and will stretch it out and the coverage would be even less over time.

That’s just our opinion though. It wasn’t something we were crazy about, and it only lasted on Mister’s phone about a day before he put another fully rigid case back on. If you like a lighter silicone case, then this is definitely for you. If you’re more accustomed to otter boxes, then this may seem a little lightweight for your taste. If you’re interested in the maker, the case, or any of the information, you can find it here. #iphone6pluscase


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Duty 18 Inch Grill Brush

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We were given this product to try in exchange for our honest and unbiased review and opinion. The grill brush was much heavier than I anticipated. This doesn’t mean that I am saying it is heavier in comparison to other grill brushes. I just mean that it was heavier than I expected it to be. It was incredibly easy to use. We have an infrared grill, and it quickly and efficiently cleaned away all the ick.


See? Ick. Enter the awesome brush:


Now it’s all clean.


Our next door neighbors have a standard propane grill and it also worked amazingly for theirs as well. I placed it into the dishwasher to clean, and there was no problem with it fitting on the rack, and the seal between the plastic handle and metal that holds the bristles is so tight that there was no water seeping anywhere it shouldn’t be. Here’s what it looked like after the wash cycle in the dishwasher was finished:


The bristles aren’t so close together that gristle would become lodged and stuck, but they’re close enough to cover every surface of your grill racks. It’s lightweight to use, but heavy duty and doesn’t require a lot of force to clean. The product is definitely something I would buy for myself, or for someone as a housewarming gift. (I like to make baskets and this would go perfectly into a grill/BBQ gift basket)! It’s a great addition to our BBQ/Grill accessory set and I am happy to have such a great tool to keep the grill extra clean! #GRILLNEW18INCH brush by Duty is definitely worth buying! Get yours here.

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Wrapeat Reusable Food Wraps

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I was given this product in exchange for my honest opinion and review, and I can say without a doubt these things are pretty cool. My five year old loves the design and I love that they’re dishwasher safe!


This is the package. The animal designs are fun, and the fact that they’re phthalate free, BPA free, and PVC free is also a major plus in my book. I also love that it saves our family money, because they are reusable! We tried various snacks in the snack-sized wraps that were included. The sandwich wrap folded seamlessly every time, with no issues. The snack-sized wraps folded and closed without allowing any of our treats to escape. I sent them to work wit my husband-where his lunch cooler travels around in an emergency response vehicle most of the day. I took them to work myself, where my lunch bag sits in a locker. I also sent them with my five year old to do with what she wished. (I wanted to test their durability). She took them outdoors, to her room, and to our neighborhood pool!


They’ve proven to be an exceptional product so far, and after several cycles in the dishwasher I feel it’s important to note that there is absolutely NO weakening of the velcro closures! I would highly recommend these to anyone who regularly takes their lunch or packs a lunch for a loved one. Wraps and bags can get expensive over time, and these are a much better option for our environment and our wallets! #wrapeat is a great product, and you can find yours here.

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Fire-Ball Barbecue Set

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There was a pretty cool #promotion that Mister and I took advantage of. This promotion resulted in us being given the Fire-Ball Barbecue Set LED Light and Timer to try out for free in exchange for our review and opinion. 

As you can see, we have an infared grill (super juicy burgers and chicken by the way), and we were able to utilize the light perfectly. The light has a touch sensor for easy adjustment and three brightness settings so that no matter your surroundings you can still see your food. The clamp for the light is easy to operate and make it so the light itself can be placed almost anywhere. Now, when I say this light is bright, I mean BRIGHT! Our five year old clamped it to our coffee table the night we got it and proceeded to put on a shadow puppet show. The LED lights give you a bright white light and requires only three AA batteries. If you use rechargeable batteries, this is a cost effective option (batteries not included with light).  The timer is a small but powerfully loud device! It covers about the surface area of my palm, and it is a nice, bright color. The timer includes a button battery. When you receive the product, just pull the tab and you’ll hear a loud beep. (It reminds me of a very loud alarm clock). I don’t want to use the word annoying, but it sort of is. In this case though, annoying is a PERFECT thing! You want your timer to be loud so you can grill with precision. The minutes on the grill have the ability to go up to 99 and the seconds to 59. There are three buttons for easy use. The timer has a stand on the back you can utilize on your table or counter but when the stand is disengaged it becomes a belt clip so you can keep it on you! If you prefer to utilize magnets, it has that as well! A small but powerful button magnet on the back allows you to stick it to your grill,  metal patio furniture, or even your refrigerator. 

This is a wonderful set, and we were happy to try it out and review it. We definitely recommend the product and look forward to using it all summer long! You can get yours here

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