A southern Yankee thing

Someone asked me to explain the title, so I will. Mister grew up on an island off the coast of MA for the first 22 years of his life. When he followed family here, we began working together. As for me, I’ve lived within a thirty mile radius of my current location. My. Entire. Life. I’m from the south, and he’s from the north. It made for interesting conversations at first. Now I think it makes for a great household. I’m from the land of every carbonated beverage being called a “Coke”, traffic lights are red lights no matter what color they are at the time you’re speaking of them, and that thing you put your groceries in while shopping? That’s a “buggy”. One point in my favor is that I was raised by an old world woman who believed in feminism and education and presenting yourself at your best level. So I personally call carbonated beverages sodas, traffic signals are just that and I didn’t know about you but I use a shopping cart. I also didn’t get pregnant or married at eighteen nor have I ever lived in a trailer. (Not that there is anything wrong with what I have just mentioned. I’m just highlighting some stereotypes). You can only imagine for my guy it was a culture shock to go from the only place he had ever known to a land riddled with crime and poor education. 

But luckily for me he stuck around the area and we met. We were friends for two years before we began dating. The first time we kissed, I was 27 and he was 24. Now I’m 33 and he’s 29. So it’s working for us. We’ve had some laughs and confusion over the years. It took a while to understand the judgement that sometimes comes across when he speaks, and, in turn, it took him a while to understand the ‘come on in’ frame of mind us southerners tend to have. I like to think we’ve found our balance. 

It’s just incredibly lucky for him that he landed a “southern” girl who doesn’t care about college football (shhh don’t tell anyone. People around here take that as a serious offense), and loves the Red Sox. 

As for Munchkin, she’s an adorable balance of both our upbringings and our phrasing a with her own little unique accent. It’s fun. I can’t wait to see what the next one will do! 


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