A scary day

Yesterday morning I went shopping with a girlfriend. We hadn’t spent any time together in a while, so it was fun. But when I came home for lunch, I noticed I was bleeding. This is scary for me, as I’m about 4-5 weeks pregnant. After calling the doctor and taking another pregnancy test, I felt slightly better. The pregnancy test was darker than the one I took last week, so that was a positive. The nurse felt confident that I wasn’t experiencing any severe pain on one side or the other (to indicate ectopic pregnancy). I was ordered to be on bed rest and stay hydrated. No problem, right? We’ll see, I got upset and I cried. A lot. We want this baby so badly. But we also want a healthy baby and understand that sometimes the body won’t carry when there’s something wrong. Mister was pretty calm about it all, reminding me that this can be quite normal and that I should just take it easy. (He was at work while this was happening). Munchkin overheard me talking to him and she kept telling me to be brave. 

Fast forward to this morning. I woke up and was afraid to get out of bed. (You women know what I’m saying). But it couldn’t be avoided. I got up and my fears were realized.  I proceeded to cry as I walked into where Mister was having breakfast and told him what was wrong. I called the on-call nurse who recommended bed rest and that I call the doctors office during business hours and talk to the nurse for blood work and possible ultrasound. 
Hold that thought….the office just called and wants me in now. So here goes nothing!


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