A visit and a picture 

I went to the doctor. The office was amazing. I technically was a new patient, since my first visit is scheduled for May 9. They returned my call within a half hour, they worked me in quickly, and I was treated with compassion and kindness. 

Step 1: ultrasound 

See that little black space? That’s what they call a pregnancy sac. As of right now, it’s measuring perfectly and exactly where it should be, at five weeks and zero days. The ultrasound technician was amazing and positive and upbeat. Then she sent me back into the waiting room. 

Step 2: See doctor. The doctor I saw was amazing. She was compassionate and just handed me tissue when I began to cry. We talked about the fact that if this is a miscarriage, it’s due to developmental abnormalities. She also reassured me that it would inhibit future healthy pregnancies. Then we talked about the good stuff. The positives being that the pregnancy sac was visible and measuring right on track, I wasn’t experiencing any pain, and I wasn’t hemorrhaging. 

Step 3: Call Mister. He wanted to bring me to the doctor today. He had picked up an overtime shift but was unable to get in touch with anyone to have the slot covered so he could be with me. So I had to keep him informed via text and phone calls. 
Now I’m home again, laying down. Every cramp or tightening of my stomach scares the crap out of me. The doctor said I didn’t need to be on any bed rest, and that whatever was going to happen would happen, no mater what. 

“If you’re miscarrying then nothing you can do or not do with change that. Absolutely nothing will make this better or worse.”

Except for sex. Sorry Mister. And actually she sad sex hadn’t been proven to have negative affects. It’s just that intercourse can increase bleeding and cause moms to freak out more. So it’s important that I stay calm and relaxed and be as smart about the pregnancy as possible. Send me good vibes, you guys. 


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