Cozia Design Snorkel Review

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So I found a website that gives you the opportunity to review Amazon products free of charge in exchange for your unbiased and honest opinion and public review. (If you want more info let me know and I’ll do another post). The first item we received was from Cozia Design. It’s an awesome ocean view snorkel mask. This isn’t your typical snorkel and goggle set. This thing is HUGE.

See? It kind of reminds us of an scba mask, in that it covers the nose the way that it does. At the point of this picture, he had already gone completely under water several times. The pool he’s in is a salt water pool, with a temperature of around 72 and the forecast that day was around 86. As you can see there’s no fogging on the mask. He and two other people tried out the set this particular day, and all three noted how awesome the view was and the viewing field being so much wider than they were used to. The flippers included with the set have anti-slip ridges on the bottom and are comfortable and completely adjustable. The users all noted that the flippers hold your foot in a rigid position which makes it easier to move yourself along while still being comfortable to wear.

When going under water, the snorkel has a feature that locks the air chamber and prevent water from coming into the mask. It does provide a complete seal. To confirm a seal before getting into the water just put the mask on, tighten the seal and tip your head back. You shouldn’t be able to breathe and should feel that the seal is intact. Once you’re under the water you’ll feel pressure against your face (more than you would with just goggles) but you can still expel air from your lungs. All three that tried out the mask said it was similar to breathing through a straw.

All in all the product was great and durable. The kids were playing with it, and it held up well to a handful of six year olds trying it out! You can find product information here. Cozia Design offers two sizes and four colors to choose from, so there’s something to suit everyone’s size and taste.

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