Fire-Ball Barbecue Set

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There was a pretty cool #promotion that Mister and I took advantage of. This promotion resulted in us being given the Fire-Ball Barbecue Set LED Light and Timer to try out for free in exchange for our review and opinion. 

As you can see, we have an infared grill (super juicy burgers and chicken by the way), and we were able to utilize the light perfectly. The light has a touch sensor for easy adjustment and three brightness settings so that no matter your surroundings you can still see your food. The clamp for the light is easy to operate and make it so the light itself can be placed almost anywhere. Now, when I say this light is bright, I mean BRIGHT! Our five year old clamped it to our coffee table the night we got it and proceeded to put on a shadow puppet show. The LED lights give you a bright white light and requires only three AA batteries. If you use rechargeable batteries, this is a cost effective option (batteries not included with light).  The timer is a small but powerfully loud device! It covers about the surface area of my palm, and it is a nice, bright color. The timer includes a button battery. When you receive the product, just pull the tab and you’ll hear a loud beep. (It reminds me of a very loud alarm clock). I don’t want to use the word annoying, but it sort of is. In this case though, annoying is a PERFECT thing! You want your timer to be loud so you can grill with precision. The minutes on the grill have the ability to go up to 99 and the seconds to 59. There are three buttons for easy use. The timer has a stand on the back you can utilize on your table or counter but when the stand is disengaged it becomes a belt clip so you can keep it on you! If you prefer to utilize magnets, it has that as well! A small but powerful button magnet on the back allows you to stick it to your grill,  metal patio furniture, or even your refrigerator. 

This is a wonderful set, and we were happy to try it out and review it. We definitely recommend the product and look forward to using it all summer long! You can get yours here

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