JEsentials LLC Pacifier Clip Review

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This pacifier clip is AMAZING. It’s so incredibly adorable, and the silicone beads are ideal for little teethers.


The sweet baby in the picture is almost as long as the pacifier clip itself, but to me that’s absolutely perfect because she’ll grow into it. The beads themselves are lightweight and not too heavy for little arms to move around. They’re soft and pliable so they won’t injure tiny, soft gums. As a mom, I am awed at the products available to babies now. When my five year old was teething, I had no clue that teething beads were a thing, much less lucky enough to find them attached to a pacifier clip! The flower is beautiful and it is truly boutique quality. I feel confident that this is a safe, effective product that’s fashionable and helpful as well. The plastic clip that attaches to baby’s clothes is secure and solid construction. It didn’t leave marks in clothes, so I don’t feel there would be any damage to items. The part of this item that secures to the pacifier is also well made and I have no doubt will last a long time (and guys, it secures to smoothies too!).


Seriously, look at how cute that is! I can’t believe how awesome and adorable and ideal this clip is. I was fortunate enough to receive this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review and opinion, but I look forward to buying more products from JEsentials LLC. This pacifier clip is easy to clean, clips on soothies, and is the most genuinely safe pacifier clip I have seen in a while. It’s an honor to be associated with the company and the product, and the boutique boxing is an adorable plus. I really am happy with the purchase, the baby is happy with it, and I look forward to being a returning customer! If you’d like to be a customer, check them out here. I also want to make sure I let you guys know that the items are independently tested by a well known global company approved by CPSC/CPSIA. You can see the report in one of the images on the listing at the link provided and the company encourages you to email them for the full report. 100% of the clips are also carefully inspected and tested by 2 separate inspection companies. How great is that??? This is a boutique quality pacifier clip at a great price by an AMAZING company. GO GET YOURS from #jesentials!


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