Jewelescent 60 Color Gel Pen Review

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I absolutely love all the colors in this set, that I don’t even know what to do with them! We received these pens in exchange for our review and opinion, and this is a package that genuinely made me giddy to open it.


For people who like to color coordinate things, these are ideal. Color code to your heart’s desire. For those who like to be crafty and make things shimmery, you’ll love the glitter and metallic color choices. If you like bright colors, the neons are all for you! There’s literally a color for everyone, including a basic black pen.


There are colors that will pop on dark paper, colors that will be ideal for fancy writing (gold and silver) and even swirl pens that have three colors in one pen! They write smoothly straight out of the package, and that was impressive to me. I tried out every single color just to get an idea of what the actual color looked like on paper. Most colors were true to the pen cap indicator, with the exception being the swirl pens. They tended to write a little differently than the pen cap, but I suppose that’s to be expected!


All in all, I feel t this is a complete collection of colors and pen finishes and would make a great addition to any pen lover’s supply shelf! You can get your #usartsupply Jewelescent 60 color gel pen set here.

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