Surfun Durable Dry Bag Review

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This bag is HUGE! We received the 55l free of charge to try out in exchange for our honest and unbiased opinions. When I say huge, I mean this bag is taller than our five year old. But I think that’s amazing. It’s perfect to hold everything we could possibly need for a day at the pool, lake, ocean, or an ideal camping accessory. We loaded the bag up, and once we got to the pool, we tossed it in.


The bag never submerged; it was like it hit a solid surface. So we got in the water with it and attempted to submerge it. This wasn’t too successful, just due to the sheer bouyancy of the bag itself. (Which again, I think is pretty cool).


We managed to get it submerged for a few seconds, and rolled it around so that all parts of the exterior surface were wet. After we were satisfied that it had been drug around the pool and attempted to be dunked under and rolled around in the water enough, we pulled it out and opened it up. Water beads off the exterior and easily is wiped away with your hand. (What’s left, that is. This thing is pretty freaking water resistant). Here are the instructions to roll it closed:

As you unroll and unclasp, and attempt to open it, you will see that a small amount of water is at the very top opening. This could be from your hands being wet and you trying to open it. It could be simply that when you unrolled it you shifted a little water around. *You should note, small amount of water is less that one inch of the top interior had any amount of water droplets on it and all contents on the interior were completely dry. When we began to unpack the bag, everything was still completely dry. We unloaded three pool/beach towels, pool wraps for myself and my daughter, bottles of sunscreen, a first aid kit, water bottles, and a few toys. These things all stayed dry and securely packed away in the bag. I highly recommend this for practically any outdoor activity in which your things need to be protected. Its PERFECT! You can get your #drybag here.

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