Cozia Design Snorkel Review

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So I found a website that gives you the opportunity to review Amazon products free of charge in exchange for your unbiased and honest opinion and public review. (If you want more info let me know and I’ll do another post). The first item we received was from Cozia Design. It’s an awesome ocean view snorkel mask. This isn’t your typical snorkel and goggle set. This thing is HUGE.

See? It kind of reminds us of an scba mask, in that it covers the nose the way that it does. At the point of this picture, he had already gone completely under water several times. The pool he’s in is a salt water pool, with a temperature of around 72 and the forecast that day was around 86. As you can see there’s no fogging on the mask. He and two other people tried out the set this particular day, and all three noted how awesome the view was and the viewing field being so much wider than they were used to. The flippers included with the set have anti-slip ridges on the bottom and are comfortable and completely adjustable. The users all noted that the flippers hold your foot in a rigid position which makes it easier to move yourself along while still being comfortable to wear.

When going under water, the snorkel has a feature that locks the air chamber and prevent water from coming into the mask. It does provide a complete seal. To confirm a seal before getting into the water just put the mask on, tighten the seal and tip your head back. You shouldn’t be able to breathe and should feel that the seal is intact. Once you’re under the water you’ll feel pressure against your face (more than you would with just goggles) but you can still expel air from your lungs. All three that tried out the mask said it was similar to breathing through a straw.

All in all the product was great and durable. The kids were playing with it, and it held up well to a handful of six year olds trying it out! You can find product information┬áhere. Cozia Design offers two sizes and four colors to choose from, so there’s something to suit everyone’s size and taste.

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Mother’s Day love

To all of you. To the mothers who birthed their children. To the mothers who adopted them and made them your own. To the mothers of cats, dogs, fish, and everything else in between. To the mothers who lost babies. To the mothers who married men with children and love those like their own. To the women who are raising their siblings, their grandchildren, or their nieces and nephews. And a happy Mother’s Day to the men who are raising kids on their own. 

Love to you all. 

And then, there was nothing…

We went to the doctor today for our follow up ultrasound. I had high hopes and had spent the last week convincing myself that everything was going to be ok. Our five year old sat in the room, anxiously wanting to see the baby on the screen. I laid down, and the technician let me know she was beginning the ultrasound. Unfortunately it became immediately clear that there was nothing good to be found today. The pregnancy sac was just at five weeks, which was the same as last week. It should have been larger, and at this point we should have been able to see the yolk and fetal pole. Instead I was met with sympathetic eyes and a gentle pat on my knee. I numbly got dressed and was led to a cubby hole to await being called into the exam room. Munchkin was amazing. She was so well behaved. Mister was a rock and did everything he could to distract her from why mommy was sad. Then we met with the doctor. A real person who hugged me as I cried. A kind, compassionate woman who told me that my miscarriage was her third of the day and she was so sorry. A positive woman who reassured us that we would go on to have a healthy pregnancy. We were sent home with medication to help me pass whatever remains and something for the physical pain. There’s nothing that can touch the emotional ache. 

So tomorrow I take the medicine and cope. Tomorrow I wake up and I live my life. Tomorrow I will take care of my daughter. I will wash the dishes. I will water our gardens. I will also cry. But I will be ok. I have to be ok. 

What’s on tv??? ­čś│

Don’t worry. It’s just the Red Sox game. See?

Go Red Sox. Let’s beat the Yankees again tonight. (Score is 4-3 Boston, top of the 4th). I’m just shocked it’s televised. Here in the southeastern part of the US of A, typically Sox games aren’t televised without an MLB subscription. So I’m happy. 

It’s been a good day. Mister’s sister came to stay with us and today we went shopping at Kohl’s. I love Kohl’s cash. With it today I was able to get $80 boots for $7.50. Yes. Seven dollars and fifty cents. For amazingly cute grey knit winter boots. But it’s not winter, you say?  SEVEN DOLLARS. That is all.

Munchkin has been wired all day. But that’s because her auntie was here. So I’m patiently understanding and counting down until bed time. Me? I’m good. Feeling positive about the pregnancy, and taking doctor’s orders. I’m living my life and being a mom. When I’m tired, I rest. When I’m hungry, I eat. When I feel sick and nauseous, I smile. Feeling pregnant is incredibly reassuring. 

A few good signs 

Taking things one day at a time, today has been a good day. I woke up this morning to much less than I did yesterday morning. So that’s good. The day progressed with me worried about not “feeling pregnant”. That all changed when we went to the supermarket. They were holding a hot dog sale at the entrance. I caught the scent of hot dogs and my stomach rolled. That made me happy. I never thought I would be happy to be nauseous. 
Now my sister-in-law is visiting and we’re watching a movie. Well….she’s almost asleep. 

She’s hiding under there somewhere, while Mister and I introduce Munchkin to Star Wars. 

1977 Star Wars. We figured if we’re going to introduce her to the saga, it may as well be to do it in order of release date. I personally saw the movies the first time in chronological order. I don’t know which is the right way, and I’m sure if I offered an opinion it would start a mass debate. So I’ll just say to each their own, and may the force be with you.  ­čśÇ

A visit and a picture 

I went to the doctor. The office was amazing. I technically was a new patient, since my first visit is scheduled for May 9. They returned my call within a half hour, they worked me in quickly, and I was treated with compassion and kindness. 

Step 1: ultrasound 

See that little black space? That’s what they call a pregnancy sac. As of right now, it’s measuring perfectly and exactly where it should be, at five weeks and zero days. The ultrasound technician was amazing and positive and upbeat. Then she sent me back into the waiting room. 

Step 2: See doctor. The doctor I saw was amazing. She was compassionate and just handed me tissue when I began to cry. We talked about the fact that if this is a miscarriage, it’s due to developmental abnormalities. She also reassured me that it would inhibit future healthy pregnancies. Then we talked about the good stuff. The positives being that the pregnancy sac was visible and measuring right on track, I wasn’t experiencing any pain, and I wasn’t hemorrhaging. 

Step 3: Call Mister. He wanted to bring me to the doctor today. He had picked up an overtime shift but was unable to get in touch with anyone to have the slot covered so he could be with me. So I had to keep him informed via text and phone calls. 
Now I’m home again, laying down. Every cramp or tightening of my stomach scares the crap out of me. The doctor said I didn’t need to be on any bed rest, and that whatever was going to happen would happen, no mater what. 

“If you’re miscarrying then nothing you can do or not do with change that. Absolutely nothing will make this better or worse.”

Except for sex. Sorry Mister. And actually she sad sex hadn’t been proven to have negative affects. It’s just that intercourse can increase bleeding and cause moms to freak out more. So it’s important that I stay calm and relaxed and be as smart about the pregnancy as possible. Send me good vibes, you guys. 

´╗┐A scary day

Yesterday morning I went shopping with a girlfriend. We hadn’t spent any time together in a while, so it was fun. But when I came home for lunch, I noticed I was bleeding. This is scary for me, as I’m about 4-5 weeks pregnant. After calling the doctor and taking another pregnancy test, I felt slightly better. The pregnancy test was darker than the one I took last week, so that was a positive. The nurse felt confident that I wasn’t experiencing any severe pain on one side or the other (to indicate ectopic pregnancy). I was ordered to be on bed rest and stay hydrated. No problem, right? We’ll see, I got upset and I cried. A lot. We want this baby so badly. But we also want a healthy baby and understand that sometimes the body won’t carry when there’s something wrong. Mister was pretty calm about it all, reminding me that this can be quite normal and that I should just take it easy. (He was at work while this was happening). Munchkin overheard me talking to him and she kept telling me to be brave. 

Fast forward to this morning. I woke up and was afraid to get out of bed. (You women know what I’m saying). But it couldn’t be avoided. I got up and my fears were realized.  I proceeded to cry as I walked into where Mister was having breakfast and told him what was wrong. I called the on-call nurse who recommended bed rest and that I call the doctors office during business hours and talk to the nurse for blood work and possible ultrasound. 
Hold that thought….the office just called and wants me in now. So here goes nothing!